iPhone & iPad Lock Screen

We are a small team at EscapeHome and our iPhone and iPad apps will be developed very soon. Until then, if you want to use an iPhone or iPad in your EscapeHome games then we have a solution for you!

You can add our webpage as an app to your iOS device by using Safari and the 'Add to Home Screen' feature. Here's how to do to it:

  1. Launch Safari and open our 'Lock Screen' page
  2. Press the share icon - the small box with an arrow at the bottom of the screen
  3. Press 'Add to Home Screen'
  4. Press 'Add' and the EscapeHome icon will be added to your home screen
  5. To use the Lock Screen for your EscapeHome games, simply tap the icon to open the app!

While this approach doesn't give you the full features of our Android App, we hope that it helps you with your EscapeHome games while we work on releasing the iPhone and iPad apps!