Hints & Tips

Although we aim to make 'EscapeHomes' easy to prepare, these games can sometimes be a bit difficult to set up and tricky to play! Here we give some hints and tips on how to get the most out your EscapeHome experience.

  • New Guides: We don't want to harass your poor email inbox! So, if you'd like to get notifications whenever we create a guide, then please consider following us on Instagram or Twitter. We will post a new picture each time a new guide is uploaded or app feature is released!
  • Preparation: Some of our guides might require some trial and error when setting up, especially those that use some cool science tricks that you can try at home. If you want to play a guide, it might be a good idea to experiment and test yourself that the clues work in advance.
  • Laptop and phone lock screens: Most of our guides use a laptop, a phone, or even both in order to hide clues that can only be accessed ones a password or code is found. If you change you laptop password or phone access code then please make sure to write down the new password or code somewhere safe!
  • Our Laptop Lock Screen: Rather than changing you laptop password, you should try using our lock screen web page! It helps you hide text clues for each game that can only be accessed with a temporary password.
  • Our Android App: We know that changing your phone access code each time you want to play an EscapeHome game can be annoying, so we created the EscapeHome Android App! The app lets you create a temporary lock screen for each game, and hide the clues that you need. It costs a small amount, and in downloading it you really help support us in creating more guides :)
  • Our iOS App: We are working on releasing an iOS app as soon as possible. If you want to use your iPhone or iPad in an EscapeHome game, then you can try our iPhone and iPad Lock Screen Trick to help set up a temporary lock screen.
  • Game Master: We find that it's pretty common for player to need a hint or two to help them figure out certain steps in each of our EscapeHome guides. The games often go smoother if you are ready to help the player with a hint if they seem stuck for a while.
  • Timing: Some of our guides have a 'countdown' time limit that the game should be solved within - just to add some extra pressure to the player! However, this is an optional part and up to you as the Game Master to manage. Of course, if the time limit is reached then it's still nice to let the player try and finish solving the puzzles.

We are still improving our guides, this web page and our apps! We love feedback, and if you have any suggestions for us then please email us at feedback@escapehome.co