Guide #5 - The Checkmate

Not too hard to setup
Not too hard to play
About 20 min to finish

This is a great EscapeHome guide if you have a chess loving partner or friend! It's pretty easy to setup, and if you think the chess puzzle is too easy for the player then you should definitely come up with a harder one. The player will need an understanding of how to play chess in order to complete this game, so be ready to help with a hint or two!

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Spoiler Alert!

You will need:

  • Key
  • Pen and Paper
  • Laptop
  • Smartphone
  • Chess Set
  • 4 different coloured stickers
  • Picture or Photo you don't mind cutting up

How it should work

The player should find around the room pieces of a cut up picture, and coloured stickers. There is also a chess set and a note giving hints for the puzzle. The player has to work out the chess move white can make to win the game, and use the coordinates to unlock the laptop. The laptop reveals the order of the coloured stickers to unlock the smartphone, and the last coloured sticker is hidden under one of the chess pieces. When unlocked the smartphone gives a clue to the location of the last hidden piece of the picture puzzle, which hints to where the key is hidden.

What to do:

  1. Hide the key somewhere in the room, we put it behind a board which says "Home Sweet Home"
  2. Cut up the picture into several pieces, and write a clue to the key's location on one of the pieces
  3. Hide this important piece somewhere in the room
  4. Take a photo of part of the hiding place with the smartphone camera, so the player has a hint to work out where it is!
  5. Write a number between 0 and 9 on each of the four coloured stickers, if you don't have stickers you can always use coloured paper or pens and selotape
  6. this will be the pass code of the phone. We wrote 4 on the green sticker, 1 on the blue, 7 on the yellow, and 6 on the red.
  7. Set up the laptop secret which reveals the order of the phone pin code. Such as "Green, Blue, Yellow, Red"
  8. Set the phone pass code to match the numbers in the order of the colours, for example "4176"
  9. Stick three of the coloured stickers to the remaining parts of the picture and hide them around the room, like inside a book or under a few things.
  10. Set up the laptop password, based on the chess board setup. If you use our example this would be: (XXXXX)
  11. Set up the chess board, we've included an example below that you can use. Under the XX piece stick under the final coloured sticker.
  12. Finally, scatter around some misleading clues and decoys and the room!
If you have an Android smartphone, you can download our EscapeHome Android App to help setup this game! It makes your life much easier, and helps support us in creating more guides :)

If you have an iPhone, you can try our iPhone Lock Screen Trick to help set up the game.

The EscapeHome Android App sets up phone lock screens and clues, without changing your pin code each time

The chess board set up we used can be found by clicking here, but you can use your own and change the clue to match

The clue we used: the first part of the password is the letter of the piece that makes the winning move, the second is the piece's starting position and the third is ending position