Guide #4 - The Concealed

A bit tricky to setup
Pretty hard to play
About 45 min to finish

This is a cool EscapeHome guide with quite a few interesting science tricks as part of the clues! We recommend you being a fairly active 'game master' on this one, to help the players if they need tips or supervision with some of the steps. This guide should be suitable for more than one player, but children should be supervised!

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Spoiler Alert!

You will need:

  • Key
  • Pen and Paper
  • Sellotape
  • Knife/Scissors
  • Smartphone
  • Small Mirror
  • Long Stick
  • Book
  • Playing Cards
  • Lemon Juice
  • Cotton Bud
  • Lit Candle (or other heat source)
  • Pepper
  • Mug (one you can't see through)
  • Dishwashing Liquid

How it should work

You tell the player that they are locked in the room, and must find the key to escape. On the table there is a clue giving hints of locations in the room where paper shapes are hidden, on the back of the clue is the hint that heat will reveal things on these shapes. Holding the paper shapes near the candle (or other heat source) reveals coordinates written in invisible ink. When combined in the right order, the coordinates can be used with a matrix to get a hint that a drop of the dishwashing liquid can reveal hidden messages.

Looking around, on the table the player should also find the playing cards arranged in a poker 'flush', giving the hint to look in the bathroom where they find the mug. The player is told that the water inside the mug is toxic, and there is a hidden message that cannot be read as it is covered in pepper on the surface of the water. The player can the use the dishwashing liquid to move the pepper in the water and then be able to read the message. The message gives final clue to find the location of the code that will unlock the smartphone, the code is high up and can only be read by using the mirror attached to the stick. Once unlocked, the smartphone hints at a specific book in the room, in which the key to escape is hidden!

What to do:

  1. Hide the key inside a book in the room, we put it inside a copy of 'The Martian'
  2. On the smartphone, take a picture of part of the book that acts as a hint (we also added a text hint "Space Chocolate")
  3. Set a new pin code on the smartphone that will be used to unlock it, and write this code clearly on a piece of paper.
  4. Stick the paper somewhere high up where it can't be seen unless the mirror and stick are used, we put it on the top of a lamp hanging from the ceiling.
  5. Attach the mirror to the end of the stick so it can be used to search for and read the high up message, it's good to test that the mirror angle works with where the message is hidden.
  6. Write and hide a message clue (A) hinting where the high up code is hidden.
  7. Write a small clue (B) that gives the location of clue (A), submerge this in a mug of water and cover the whole surface with pepper to hide the message. Write a note that the water is toxic and cannot be touched, and hide these both together in the bathroom.
  8. Take the playing cards and arrange five of them in a 'Flush', we used the Ace, Three, Seven, Ten, and King of Clubs.
  9. Draw out a matrix like the one shown in the picture below, where different words are shown and can be found with a letter and number combination. Among the words should be 'Dish', 'Wash', 'Liquid'.
  10. Cut three different shapes out of paper (such as a square, a triangle, and circle) and use a cotton bud dipped in lemon juice to write the coordinates of the three words in the matrix. Best is to experiment with this before, to test how the lemon ink is revealed with heat! Please be careful near the flames and always supervise children!
  11. Hide these shapes around the room, and create a clue that shows the correct order of the shapes and draw hints to where they are hidden in the room. On the back of this write a clue that messages are revealed with heat.
  12. Scatter around the room some misleading clues and decoys, such as some dice, random paper, and a rubik's cube.
If you have an Android smartphone, you can download our EscapeHome Android App to help setup this game! It makes your life much easier, and helps support us in creating more guides :)

If you have an iPhone, you can try our iPhone Lock Screen Trick to help set up the game.

The EscapeHome App sets up phone lock screens and clues, without changing your pin code each time

The clue we used to show how the first letter of the holiday destinations in the pictures should be used to form a password