Guide #3 - The Speedy

Not too hard to setup
Quite easy to play
About 15 min to finish

This is probably the fastest EscapeHome guide to setup that we have at the moment! Don't worry if you don't have a chess set or any of the other items, it is pretty easy to change the instructions to suit whatever you have around the home.

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Spoiler Alert!

You will need:

  • Key
  • Pen and Paper
  • Sellotape
  • Knife/Scissors
  • Laptop
  • Smartphone
  • Earphones
  • USB stick
  • Chess Set
  • Lamp
  • Pillows

How it should work

The player should find a code word somewhere on the table, with a hint that will unlock the smartphone. On the smartphone there is a voice recording, but this isn't obvious until the earphones are found by following a clue under a chess piece. The voice recording leads to a message hidden behind a picture in the room, which tells the player to turn on the lamp. When the lamp is on, the password to the laptop is revealed. The player should plug the USB stick into the laptop, uncovering the final hint that the key is hidden in a pillow.

What to do:

  1. Hide the key inside one of the pillows
  2. On a USB stick, save a document with the message: "It's time to rest one's head", and leave the stick on the table
  3. Set the password of the laptop to a short code (like '232')
  4. On a piece of paper, cut out the short code you chose, and stick inside the lamp shade. Keep the lamp switched off!
  5. Choose a picture in the room, and behind it hide a message: "Time to light up the place."
  6. On the smartphone, record a voice message giving a hint to a picture in the room (we used "family is the most important thing in the world" for a picture of the family)
  7. As a hint there's a voice recording on the smartphone - hide the earphones somewhere in the room
  8. Write a hint for the earphones hiding place underneath one of the chess pieces
  9. Write a code word on a piece of paper (we used the word 'CLONE'), and add the hint "A,B,C = 2"
  10. Set the passcode to the smartphone as the numbers on the keypad matching the code word (for us it was '25663')
  11. Don't forget to write down the new laptop password and phone passcode somewhere safe!
  12. Scatter around some misleading clues and decoys (ChloƩ chose a banana...)
If you have an Android smartphone, you can download our EscapeHome Android App to help setup this game! It makes your life much easier, and helps support us in creating more guides :)

If you have an iPhone, you can try our iPhone Lock Screen Trick to help set up the game.

The EscapeHome Android App sets up phone lock screens and clues, without changing your pin code each time

The clue we used to show how the first letter of the holiday destinations in the pictures should be used to form a password

The clue we used to show how the first letter of the holiday destinations in the pictures should be used to form a password